Hey what's wrong with this picture? Im the one outside without a sweater!

by Jeannie Rigsby
(Pikeville Tennessee)

Hey I dont have a sweater! Let me in!

Hey I dont have a sweater! Let me in!

This photo was taken during the colder months. This is our Ellie and Betty-boop. Ellie (wearing the sweater) we've had for 2 years now. Betty-boop was our neighbors dog and was visiting us on the day of this photo. We were 'dog sitting.' I had gone out onto the Deck and our Ellie had followed me inside. Betty elected too stay out. However when Ellie went too the Sliding glass door I looked over and this photo is what I saw. I had too laugh. When Betty-boop first came too live at the neighbors house their little 5 year old girl named her Betty-boop. We didnt have the heart too change her when they begged us too keep her. YES by that time we had fallen in love with our little Betty-boop and YES she is a handfull.... lol

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