by Stef
(Brussels, Belgium)



This is Ginger Ann our precious and lovely Belgium Jackie! She is a 2 year old pure breed and we will be breeding her for the first time around the 18th of September 2010. We bought her while serving in Brussels, Belgium with NATO. She was raised on a farm with show horses and loves them. She has the Disney Mickey Mouse hat outlined and colored in on her backside. This is why we named her Ginger,from the Shrek movies with the GingerBread man in them. She does numerous tricks and has a word vocabulary and understanding of more than 100 words. You don't even need to be speaking directly to her and she will respond to what you are saying. Just Amazing! She loves to track critters and always lets us know when strangers are in the area. She is such a joy and loves to play all day long. Jacks RULE!

Walt, Stef, Liv and Ginger, Brussels, Belgium

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