Jack Russel


by Colby Mills
(Paducah KY)

Bandit (On left) Sugar (On right)

Bandit (On left) Sugar (On right)

My three year old female JRT (Sugar) FLIPPS OUT when anyone (even if she doesn't know them) leaves my house. When my husband leaves in the morning she attacks his shoes. Any suggestions on how to help would be great. Thanks

Colby Mills
Paducah KY

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May 30, 2010
Alpha Dog
by: Anonymous

Your dog believes that it is the head of your household and as such, it is her responsibility to look after everyone. Similar to looking after puppies. When someone leaves, this puts your dog into stress as she can no longer look after the person who has left. And she frets over them until they return. You must learn how to relieve your dog of this burden and responsibility by becoming the alpha dog in your home. There are many books and on-line articles that describe how to do this.

May 12, 2010
Quick Spray

My 3 yr old JRT bitch does the same, I think it's because JRTs hate being left out of things and have to be in on the action. You could try a fine water spray like a plant spray to deter this behaviour, if you do it every time you get the behaviour it will get the message eventually.

Mar 27, 2010
beautiful dogs
by: Ladyjack.

I can only assume that he wants to go with your Husband, just wanted to say what lovely dogs, hope you get a solution soon.

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