Help please:)

I want to buy a female jack Russell terrier and i was wondering is it hard to handle in her heat days? And will i be having a lot of troubles when walking her in those days (will she be constantly attacked by other dogs)? And in your opinion what do you think it's easier to train and own - a male or a female jack Russell terrier?

I live in an apartment, so i was also wondering about the barking, are they noisy? I really love this breed and i need to know their characteristics from someone who has experience with this dogs. I really have the time to walk her, play with her and enjoy her company:) I don't have any other animals. I was told that the males are more aggressive towards other animals and the females are calmer. I really don't know, so i would appreciate your help.
Thank you for your answer.
p.s. I already picked one cutie, i will have her in about a month because she is recently born and that's why i want to really learn about them (but i'm not changing my mind because i adore this dogs:)
Thanks again. Tia

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