HELP! My JRT won't eat.

Alice, my 10 yr old JRT, has never had a very good appetite, but she would always eat. Recently she has stopped eating and is skin and bones. The vet told me that when she is hungry she will eat. Well she is not. She is so skinny that you can see her ribs and back bone. When I am in the kitchen she is always in there waiting for food to drop, so I know that she is hungry, but I can not get her to eat any of her food. I have tried different foods and that does not seem to be helping. I know that when she was a puppy she was attacked my her kennel mates when she tried to eat. When we went to go pick her up she had bites all over her. It took us a while for us to get her to not be afraid to eat from her bowl. She acts like she is afraid to eat all over again. I am at my wits ends. Please if anyone can give me suggestions on how I can stimulate her appetite I would be ever so grateful.

Thank you.

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Jul 01, 2009
jrt won't eat
by: Mary

let me ask you this. did you bring her into the vet for this problem or just call? I would find another vet asap and get her into the office for xrays and complete blood work. check her mouth to see if she is having a problem with a tooth or something stuck in the tongue, roof of mouth, gums etc. Have your new vet do this. Try making a slurpy groul of her food and warm water and yogurt for her to lap up just in case it is something in her mouth making it paintful to chew. but definately get a new vet and get an appt asap. tell them it is an emergency. let us know.

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