HELP!!! JRT is out of control

by annemarie
(Queensland, Australia)

My 3 yr old boy(fixed) has been with me for 2 and a half years...i took him from his mum and sisters and hes a good dog gone bad now its out of control.

He is extremely jealous and his behavior is out of control.
He has bitten me,very badly and drew blood and stood by and watched whilst the blood came pumping out of my hand and i couldn't get in the ambulance because he howled and it woke the neighbors so had to stay at home.
Every time i go out with a male anywhere i put him in his bed and go out....and come home to poo and wee everywhere..gone only 20 mins...and he never does this if i go out alone.
One day i was having my breakfast and he poohed on the floor twice after been outside and doing it there. I cant talk on the phone as he will chew the doors or circle me.
At night and relax time he constantly stares at a challange..i have now moved him into his own room away from his staring eyes.
I tape him and went out today and he thought i was with a friend and barked and howled the whole time i was out..
This has happened since i have ever had him and i have tried everything and nothing works.
When i want to have a cuddle with him he jumps up and gets an erection...i know...its not right and im beyound myself here.
He growls at me when i chastise him and correct him and shows his teeth which frightens me as he has already bitten me.
So he constantly uses the place as a toilet inside...more so when i am out with someone..
If i take him in the car he vomits..and just lays there and stares at i put him in the back seat and he stares there and vomits.
I cant take him to a shop as leaving him outside he causes outmost hell...barking and howling and snaps at passers by.
If i take him for a ride in the car he howls so badly that he has got me in trouble for even having him in the car by the police if hes doing that.
Hes physically fine and has all his shots up to date and is well looked after.
I am firm with him but he is taking over my house.
My mother wants me to get rid of him and get me a different dog as she is terrified he will bite me again and really hurt me.
I live alone with him.
I cant go on like this. He has just got worse.. All this time when i thought he wasnt barking when i went out and i taped him..he is worse that he ever was when a puppy.
He will not sit when asked..i have to ask over and over...he will not lie down when asked.
If i want him to come he will take his time and i have to ask over and over...
I used the food rewards and he stopped eating his dinner and lived on the rewards for 9 weeks.
i gave him a bone and went to move it and he bit me again and growled at me from deep within his throat and he does this wen he gets told off as well and bares his teeth.
He gets excercise and we have a big yard but he wants to be near me...if i am else where he whines..from the time i get up to the end of the night..he whines.
He barks at nothing to get me to go and see so he can see me..there is no one there.
He jumps on my visitors and will not let me converse with them and takes over,and the visitor has to go or the dog gets put downstairs and then he barks and howls so i cant hear my visitor.
I have no friends anymore and my dog is becoming a burden...if i go to hug and love him he gets an erection and i cant deal with that as he licks it and then he licks the summer every single day he licks me from my toes right up and asked to stop he wont.
He has become more bold and does his own thing...
If hes in the other room he has to come see if i am still there..
I have to separate him as its out of hand..
I just cant have a normal relationship with him...
Please help as im at the end and this week he may have to go as i have had my last compliant about his barking and howling..i have tried everything and he fights it...water blasts he snaps at me and growls...bark collars send him into a frenzy.
Spent $700 on training and its gone out the window.
The Vet tried medicating him and he fought it and never relaxed...and poohed and weed everywhere
He rips up his bedding and any toy or jumper for the cold up as well.
If we play he deliberately paws the ball under things so i have to get it and growls at me when i getting it for him and continues to put it back under the bed etc.
He hates me on the computer and has started eating the wires and now my computer doesnt go...He has also bitten the wires in my tv and that doesnt go now...then i took up knitting and he wreaked it all and poohed on it and weed on it.
He also bit my boots i wear out to bits and wreaked them. Whatever i do...he destroyed all my library when i read it wants CONSTANT ATTENTION
If we play he bites me and hard too and now he has tripped my parents up alot and me he has got under my feet and i broke my ankle.
If i talk to mum on the phone he will pace for an hour..back and forwards and stare at me the whole time..He is causing me too much stress..i dont know if i love him...i cant deal with it...i want a life that doesnt revolve around him,him him.
If i go out he hates it and that is when the trouble begins.
And the constant staring at me..why does he stare?
Why does he get erections when i pet him?
Why does he pace?
Why does he bite me seriously and watch as i bleed out?
Please someone help me or he has to go :(

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Dec 29, 2013
the jack rusell terrorist NEW
by: Anonymous

IM very lucky to have my jack Russell the way he is,,,he wont bark unless a stranger comes around,,,hes got a million friends he's very affectionate,,,if he bit ya u asked for it..the only thing I don't like about him is that he's is the most peeing and poopinist dog I evr saw

Aug 17, 2010
comments re: my jack out of control
by: ziggysmum

thank you scooter for your comment....was a gud comment.
I know what you mean how he is kind of in control of me
I have tossed and turned and all at night and come close to giving him up and then i thought..NO!!! i am the problem and i can do my best to fix it..and we have come in leaps and bounds...Ha hahaha i think he heard me say...He was gonna have to leave.
I have him upstairs when i go out and he barks once or twice and thats more poo on the floor..because he is not insecure up here..its where he feels in control of that battle is won.
He has done the odd poo...not wee...and i am ignoring the bad and praising the seems to work well.
I couldnt bear to send him away...i did go to NZ in im from there and had to leave him for 3 weeks...he didnt like that.
But he has been getting more play time..more walks and i have just come to accept he is a good boy...its just the jack russell terrier...and i am not gonna give him away because of that....He needs discipline and gets discipline..but in a different way now.
Thanks for the one comment..i wish i could have got more...must be you and i on her only LOL
thanks anyhow
from Australia

Aug 14, 2010
JRT out of control--- HERE'S HELP!!
by: ScooterMama59

You need to seperate yourself from your JRT. This is rare, but happens. You can have him reschooled (trained with a professional trainer) or give him to someone who can do this, as well. He should be sent to a facility for 30 days or longer to be retrained and not rehomed with you. I would hate to see him put down, but that's your only other option in this case. Please know that the dog has over powered you and that cannot be changed. I am in Belgium and wish I could come and take him for you.

Best to you and your JRT,
ScooterMama, Brussels

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