Help for a Trembling Dog

by Robert J. Childs and Vet Suggestion on how to help a trembling dog
(Annapolis, MD 21403)

Reader question for our Vet on possible causes of a dog trembling symptoms shown by a Jack Russell Terrier

Harry Brown is a Jack Russell Terrier, 14 years and 2 months old. About 3 years ago his bright white coat began to look dingy and he developed a distinct tremble, almost a shiver at times.

The vet thought the tremble was excitement at first. Then the fur on top of his tail began to fall out and not re grow. Currently he shakes, shudders and shivers frequently and has a dingy brownish coat. The top of his tail is bereft of fur.

The shudders can be interrupted if you get his attention abruptly. He is also slowly but surely losing his hearing and vision, which I would believe are age related.

We had extensive testing done and the prognosis was a hormone imbalance which was probably not treatable. They alluded to the fact that fur growth on the top of the tail was attributed to a single hormone. (I don't believe they really had a clue as to what any of the symptoms pointed to after we spent about 4 thousand dollars on tests.)

No disrespect to our caring Veterinarians.

Do you have an opinion?

Thank you,

Robert Childs
Annapolis, MD

Vet Recommendation for Dog Trembling

Hi Robert,

I’m afraid that without seeing the results of Harry Brown’s work-up I can’t really give you an informed opinion about what might be going on with him. As you have already unfortunately discovered, diagnosing the cause of hair loss, particularly when it is not associated with itching, can be very difficult.

A hormonal imbalance is certainly a strong possibility, and some do not respond very well to treatment.

If you still have questions about Harry’s case, it might not be a bad idea to collect the results of all the testing that he has undergone and make an appointment for a second opinion. A board-certified internal medicine specialist or dermatologist might be your best bet.

If you can provide copies of your records to the veterinarian before your appointment, he or she can perform and exam, ask any questions that arose during the records review, and perhaps give you some additional insights.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Mar 02, 2012
About Problem with Jack Russell Hair
by: Eva Haberlova

Simple, Change your dog food. Feed your JRT cooked beef or chicken. Add carrots, peas, sweet potato. Spray organic apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of water over hair and drink too.

The Veterinarian in the hospital has different opinions and rules.They have no wisdom. My experience with the Veterinarian is far from perfect. I wasted my money.

My first Jack Russell died last year because of heart failure. She was 14 years old and was very smart. Now I have a new one whose hair is wired. She is one year old, smart and amazing.

She is my baby. She hates the cage. She roams freely around the house when I am working (of course she damaged my shoes, but I am not mad).

I hope your Jack Russell gets better food, and lives a healthy life.

Blessing you.

Editor Note

We understand that many dog owners prefer a raw diet. If you do, we suggest working with a veterinary nutritionist to make sure that your dog receives the correct balance of the 40 food components necessary for good health. If some are missing, then supplements can be used.

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