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He shakes and Growls way too much! Help!

by Elizabeth

The boys! Kiaser & Bailey!

The boys! Kiaser & Bailey!

My boyfriend recently moved in with me and brought his Jack Russell who is 7 years old. He is a total sweetheart to me. The only thing I have noticed about him that seems abnormal is that when my boyfriend yells or we get in a fight he shakes really bad and looks so scared. He also growls and shows his teeth ALOT when you try and pick him up, especially if you grab him under his front legs.

The reason this seems weird or odd to me is because I have a pug who is also 7 years old. He never shakes when I yell or if I am in a loud situation. He has also never ever growled at me. So I was wondering if this was a Jack Russell trait or if perhaps something bad has happened to this dog in the past that would lead him to act like this.
I hope you can help because I am worried that maybe this poor baby has had a bad experience in the past. I hope that is not the case but I don't know anything about this breed, only pugs! ;) But I do love him and want to help!

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Jan 11, 2010
Pack instincts.
by: Anonymous

Jacks have strong pack instincts and he is unsure how to act when there is yelling or argueing. To be a Jack's pack leader is tough. All humans need to dominate him. Hold him down by the loose skin on his neck. There are other ways also to show dominace. His shaking is Adrenaline. Like caffiene he gets fired up. He is not sure who is the pack leader.This makes him unsure and unsettled. When I get upset with my kids my male is there beside me to hand out punishment and I have to stop so no one gets bit. Watch Cesaer Millan. He is great!!!!! I learned so much useful info from him. Good luck. Clay

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