Happy 'Nude' Year

by Gary Shaw
(W. Toluca Lake, CA)

"Hope Your Day is Going Better than Mine."

My Jack Russell's name is Bogart and he's a real gentleman, not a 'Klingon' like most Jacks. He was born on Halloween and is now 10 years old. He's still a 'Jack' by all means but extremely well behaved often sitting on my lap at swank dinner parties listening intently, occasionally joining in lending his opinions on the the latest trend in dog toys to those pesty squirrels that annoy him in the morning. In fact without fail, every morning he gets up, leaps over to the couch-back by the window and begins his morning 'Squirrel Patrol', a job he's personally assigned himself to. Like us, he too has a job in life to do.

"I'm very lucky to be still working especially in this economy."

About once a month he gets a bath, a ritual he seems to resist at first but loves the moment he feels the soothing warm spray of cleansing water on his fur. His favorite shampoo is made in Paris and is hard to come by, "Oh My Dog". I think he likes it so much because it makes his fur so soft and leaves such a nice scent on him lingering for days on after. After all, he is a gentleman.

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Jan 26, 2009
Oh My Dog
by: Anonymous

I actually use the same on my Jack and I just go to the site online by typing in Oh My Dog Shampoo and buy it and they deliver it to my house.

Hope that helps. :)

You little guy is so very cute!

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