Hairball Symptoms

by Bettie
(Georgia, USA)

Our JRT grooms himself like a cat and has developed a bad cough and has hair in his feces. The vet prescribed Temaril (steroid) for the cough. Does anyone have any suggestions on treating him for his hairball symptoms?



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Aug 24, 2008
by: Mary-Harborview JRTS

Although you are probably doing this, just in case you aren't, you need to groom this dog more often. Is he a rough coated or smooth coated? Do you know how to hand strip the coat? Get yourself from feed store the small red rubber grooming tool for horses it is oval in shape and fits over your hand with the grooming side in your palm. It will pull any loose hair out easily. Also I would wonder if he is having anxiety problems and compensates by constant licking. Lots more exercise should help that. Are you washing him a lot? Are you using any products in your home that may be getting on his coat that he doesn't like? Carpet powders, are you spraying him with anything, does he have fleas?

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