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Hair Loss

by Rob
(BC, Canada)

My Pooch

My Pooch

Hi..I have a 5 yr old JRT and his hair loss is crazy!! He doesn't scratch himself bald, or have dry skin. He has a healthy appetite and is of course very active :)

I thought I would research this on the net before I take him to the vet for an expensive analysis. I used to feed him Nutro and it was not too bad. I changed his food and it stopped for a bit, no hair loss really at all, left him with my parents for 2 weeks and his food ran out, she went to a pet store to buy him some food and they changed it back to Nutro with a reduced shedding formula.
Well, let me tell you it is insane the hair loss he has now, worse than before!!! I changed him back to the other food again but it has been over 4 weeks now and no change in the hair loss. I have read here and there that maybe there is some vitamins for this condition and am wondering if this is so? Or maybe just a more nutrient filled food I can change him too...

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Aug 17, 2009
JR Terrier hair loss
by: Anonymous

Hi. I have a four year old broken coat JR Terrier who is experiencing the same hair loss. She is moderately "rough" coated, but is losing her hair on her sides only, but you can see her skin through what little hair is left. The vet has tried cortisone pills and benadryl...neither worked! She has been eating Nutro food since she was a puppy and we just recently switched to Purina One. Don't know yet if this is going to make a difference. The next step for us is a Vet dermatologist! SHH

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