Gunner the Legend my "Boytjie"!

by Hein Brand
(Centurion Gauteng, South Africa)

The Champ

The Champ

I have had a few dogs in my life and all of them was a Fox Terrier or a Jack Russell Terrier, but the Jackie that I have now is the most beautiful Jackie that I have had and seen before. My Gunner has the best temperament and his behavior is out off this world. He is about 2 years old now.

Gunner is not a name I would give to a dog but he got his name because my nickname is Gunner at the rugby club where I play.

He learns fast,and very protective of me and my girlfriend,when we talk he listens. When we sleep and he hears something outside he will come and wake me up to go and have look.

Gunner like to take walks he can not wait to get his harness on, he knows when the harness is out we are going out for a walk and best of all is he climbs in to the harness by him self,we didn't show him or learned him to do this he learned him self.

One of his favorite past times is to play with one of his dolls and his best toy off all is a old rugby ball, he needs a new one,because the rugby ball or what is left of it is finished on it's end.

We do have another Jack Russell Savanna, she is still a puppy about 5 months old, she will be a contender for one of the most beautiful Jackies as well, she and Gunner are best of mates, they will play the whole day.

Gunner is the best and most beautiful dog you will ever see and the picture will prove it.

In a year or so's time a Picture of Savanna will also be on this website.

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