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Can you jog with Jacks?

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Nov 14, 2009
Yes!yes!yes!!! My boy forces me!!! LoL
by: Anonymous

1 - make sure your dog is fully grown ESP if you plan on being on roads/concrete...any extremely hard surfaces
2- clear it with your vet, and start using dogwell joint health dog jerky treats to keep your dogs joints healthy
3- ruff wear grip treck boots for your dogs paw safety
4- build your dog's stamina
5- bring plenty of water(camel pack could be ideal)
6- dog treats to give at park or someplace your dog enjoys taking a break for water/ rest etc. off leash if possible.
7- a comfortable/non-abrasive collar or vest harness ie puppia or Ipuppy one
8- Planet dog's medium size dog retractable leash( just slip on the wrist strap and enjoy. It acts like a 4ft regular leash to have a nice slack leash while heeling fitting jog that extends to 6 ft for added space while jogging which is nice since you don't have to worry about the dog tripping on too slack a leash like with a regular 6ft leash.
9- let your dog help guide you in setting the pase... If you want a jogging partner it's got to be enjoyable for the dog too.
10- most importantly ... Don't forget to have fun, and don't forget the poop bags! LMAO

Jul 31, 2009
by: KT

I think u can because jack russels dont accully like 2 take walks so why not jog i dont think they will enjoy it to much but just letting them run in a fenceed in yard with a toy is good enough for them! i have a black lab / jrt so my dog would rather jog or run that walk

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