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by Paula Day

Comments or Inquiries here:: I am the owner of a 2 year old Jack Russell boy called Otis. Both myself and my husband were raised in households full of dog. Everyone we know advised us against getting a russell, and said we would have nothing but trouble! Two years down the line we cannot imagine life without our Otis! I waited until my children were 7 and 9 before making the getting a dog, as I knew what a huge commitment they are. I can honestly say I have not once regretted it! Of course, its me who does most of the work, the walking, the feeding and the vets visits, but I certainly dont resent that! The couple of hours each day I spend poking around wall and hedge backs, and trailing around the country lanes are a joy, and my "me" time! what other legitimate excuse could a busy mum of two have to say "right, I'm off out for an hour to do absolutely nothing!"?

I have found your site the best, most informative site on Russells. Everything you say rings so true. I love the bits on kids. My dog and my son particularly have such a bond. He is such a good dog, willing to please, and a very sharp learner. He's well behaved until he decides he isn't going to be. But that, afterall, is the nature of the terrier! I didn't want a lap dog who rolled over and did tricks. I am content that he understands "come, stay and be gentle" and chooses to obey them 99 percent of the time! he is so nice natured and pleased to see any other dog, not an ounce of agression so far. However, I am under no illusions; give him an an inch and he will take a mile! We have found that out from the one time him was allowed under the foot of our duvet in the early hours of the morning!!! he now spends his nights forcing his way into our bed! My bedding washing has increased significantly! He will also let you know he's not happy with a tug of the trouser leg, and will
try and get the dominant upperhand on anything that will allow it. I once came who to a terrorised teenager babysitter with chewed jeans bottoms, and my children sniggering under the covers upstairs, knowing fine well they could have intervened to stop it!

We are inreasing our family in October with a Lakeland terrier. I am sure Otis will feel temporarily put out, but will grow to love his new friend, hopefully a bitch. We live in the UK in the lakedistrict, which is real terrier country.

I just wanted to let you know I think your site is great

Kind regards

Paula Day
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Apr 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am so pleased to hear positive posts about JRT's as you say some say don't have them, but you did the right thing and waited until you had the time to give and train your dog,JR's need time spent with them they are clever little dogs, and always willing learn, good luck with the new addition,just make sure no-one feels left out, have a look at this great site it is very useful and lots of experienced JRT owners, perhaps you have already been on this forum.

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