Grand Master Chew the JRT

by Jerry Shope
(Speedwell, Tn.)

The "Great Grand Master Chew"

When I speak of the "Great Grand Master Chew", I'm not referring to an Asian hero or a celebrated rap star. No, this would be a "pet" name for my three year old Jack Russell Terrier named "Jackie". She came into my life in early 2005 as a puppy, and has been my friend ever since.

I had just emerged from a devastating divorce and, subsequently, bankruptcy. I felt as though I had failed everyone in my life and was in a VERY deep depression. I lived in the country and spent four years in near isolation. When a coworker suggested I should try dating, he arranged a meeting between me and a gal I'll call "Jane".

Jane became a regular fixture at my cabin in the country from 2003 until 2005. She had a daughter from a previous marriage who became friends with one of my neighbor's daughters. Jane bought "Sally" a puppy for her birthday and the dog began accompanying them on their weekend visists. The puppy was quickly abandoned by Sally for the preferred company of her new pal.

The puppy was left in the cabin for most of the weekend and I started to get attached to her. A few weeks passed and one weekend Jane and Sally showed up, sans the puppy. "Where's the puppy"?, I asked. Her eldest son's girlfriend had traded her for a gram of "crack", I was told. I hit the roof! "Can you get her back and if so, for how much money"? One hundred dollars was the price of the gram and the seller was willing to accept cash in lieu of the pup. I took out my wallet, withdrew the money and handed it to Jane with these instructions: "Go and buy the puppy back, bring her back out here to the cabin and leave her here!" Jane and I no longer see each other but, Jackie and I have been partners ever since.

She's been such a comfort to me over the past few years, I do not want to postulate life without her. I honestly believe that my God Almighty sent her to me as a comfort and companion. Words cannot express my gratitude for this spoiled, ornery, lovable, playful, domineering........

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