Gone to the Pub

by Paul Barber
(Roxby Downs South Australia)

I have a brown and white Jack Russel terrier that I purchased from a pet shop,her name is Speedie and she is quite a character.

Speedie like most Jacks is a escape artist and will go away from home for extended periods and then return, or a hasty call from a neighbor who tells me that Spedie is at their house.

Several years ago Speedie escaped and unknown to me went to the local Tavern and entered the premises, my sister in law and her family were there and saw this small terrier come into the tavern and sit inside the door. A few people remarked what an obedient little dog, possibly waiting for her master. My sister in law remarked that she looked just like Speedie, soon a patron was about to leave the Tavern with speedie at his Heels. My Sister in law yelled out "Speedie", and she twirled around and came up to the bar, wagging her tail and full of Jack Russel Mischievousness. There were a few children there and they were delighted at their little new found playmate. I recieved a phone call to tell me that Speedie was safe and sound and they were bringing her home. To which I remarked, "That dog goes to the Tavern more times than I do". Speedie to my knowledge hasn't been to the Tavern since but she does still escape and comes home well saited waiting at the front door for a safe return

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