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Gone But Never Forgotten l In Memory of My Dog Dixie

by Tammie Padgett
(Daytona Beach, Florida USA)





Dixie passed away January 17, 2012 in my arms. A big part of me went with her as she was more than just my beloved pet. She was like my daughter and I will always hold her dear in my heart. On her final day, I held her close to me as if she was a newborn child. What strength she had left, she managed to raise her head one last time to give me my last kiss and as if telling me she was tired and was ready to go. I knew in my heart that the time had come and I told her before her final breath I loved her so much and it was okay for her to go. I no longer wanted to see her suffer. I held her close and kissed her before she took her final breath.

I love you Dixie so much and miss you more than you will ever know. You were my world and brought me so much unconditional love and mountains of memories. The journey we shared for 16 years will get me through until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge and cross over together.

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Dec 08, 2013
Angels in our lives
by: Jaqueline Grandoit

I am so sorry for your loss. The pain we feel when our fur-babies pass , is something many do not understand. Dixie will always be in your heart and will always watch over you. I hope in the coming days you will be able to feel better. I realized sometimes pictures help and things engraved. I got a tattoo off my baby, I also posted pictures all over my office. I have my first Jack Russell I have always owned chihuahuas. I know that the personality Dixie had was amazing. They ware such love bugs. <3

Dec 01, 2013
What animals bring to our lives.
by: Anonymous

It is hard to lose a dog that is your best friend. It does take a piece of my heart every time you lose a animal. I have had many dogs through out my years and they were all special.

After mine passed 3 years ago, I was so heart broken that I could not be without another dog to love. So I rescued one 6 weeks after my last one past on. I am so happy that I did. It is comforting to have another dog around. She totally grafeful that she found me and has someone to love. She is a great dog!

Now I am a Jack Russell enthusiast and the pain is gone for my loss and new love is in the air. Well, Pappi-Jack.

Dec 01, 2013
R.I.P. Sweet Dixie girl
by: Deborah In Sarasota Fl

Im so very sorry for your loss and my thoughts and prayers are with you always She sure was a beautiful girl.....May God Bless you <3 <3
I know I just lost one of my babies just this past May and it is never ever easy and when they leave you they always take a piece of your heart with them always ......

Dec 01, 2013
by: Anonymous

A lovely poignant note that everyone who has lost tneir best friend will understand. Thank you for publishing this.

Dec 01, 2013
by: Littlebit59724

I love it, I just love it. Dixie, we did it girl, you were posted for people to read our short story. I'll just have to get busy on writing that Journey book you and I shared. I love and miss you my Guardian Angel, Dixie.

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