by Angela

Hi Trish,

This is a picture of Gino, my 6 year old Parson-Russell-Terrier.

You might take this picture to add it to your site if you like.

He is quite agile, and he likes to bluster the whole day long. After that when coming home he looks at me asking: "what are we doing now?!?"

On the other hand he will be very calm when he may come along with me to the office. Everything is better than staying at home - alone!

Unlikely I found SBI just a few days before so I can't quit my job right now. But I hope to do that in the near future. It must be a better way to live than this 9 to 5 (although my day is mostly from 8 to 8 - I'm a self-employed business woman!). That's the hope for 2008!

Best wishes to you and Annie!

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Feb 04, 2008
Hi, Handsome!
by: Anonymous

What is he wearing? I want one!

Feb 02, 2008
Hey Angela!
by: Trisha

My gosh Angela Gino is gorgeous! He looks like soooo much fun.

Thank you so much for sending him to me and I've entered him in the Jack-of-the-Month too!

Maybe 2008 will be another SBI success for both of us, yeah? Getting free of 9 to 5 forever!

Hey, Annie and me thank you and beautiful Gino.


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