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Frustrated JRT owner

We rescued a JRT,Oscar ,who has a ferocious appetite for Destroying Everything!!! From dvd's,furniture,electrical wiring,Flower gardens,plants,

digging holes that are sooo deep,too chewing on anything and everything!
He has a nice big backyard to run in three other playmates,a Great Dane,a cocapoo,and lastly a Brichon Freez.They all play together,they go for walks,we play ball ,they All get attention ! The JR Terrorist as my husband affectionately calls him just Doesn't listen! How do we get him under control
I'am at a lost as to what to do,in fact I'm ready to take him to the pound. I know though as soon as he gets adopted they will return him because he is destructive! He is about two years old,my daughter got him for our two grandsons,but he didn't work for them.I think when she got him ,he already had had three homes prior so I don't want to see him go through another transition.I think that has had something to do with his personality already.We are big on dog rescue ,each one of our babies have been rescued. Oscar is a Big challenge--What can we do to stop his bad behavior? He seems to do it when we aren't home. We can't stay here confined to the house so please give me some advice,I really would like to keep him,but my house and yard is being ruined because of this one little dog.You can email me at niteowljo@yahoo.com Thank You

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Aug 18, 2011
i feel your "shredded" pain!
by: Anonymous

My jrt is the same way on the shredding- mostly while i'm gone but a little when i'm home.

I've tried interactive toys like the kong, etc., where they have to figure out how to get the treat. i take her to doggie day care once a week when it is not too hot. I give her other chewies/toys. I've tried rescue remedy and am about to try a "calming" collar. i take her to the dog park, for rides, and to the pet store. I've heard it helps to train them that you're the alpha dog, i.e., you go out the door first, etc., but haven't made much progress there (my laziness). mine definitely needs more exercise.

I just simply hate the idea of "crating" a dog- why have one.

Jun 09, 2011
Another chewer
by: Bucks

How disappointing no answer to your question, I had hoped to solve my problem which is the same as yours. Not that our JRT chews only when we are not around but also when we are home. Rawhide distracts him for a while but when it breaks down he is bored with it. He was toilet trained on puppy mats until he discovered he could rip them apart and create havoc. Please someone ....

May 21, 2011
frustrated jrt owner
by: Anonymous

GET OUT THE WATER HOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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