Found: Blind 5-7 wk old JR Pup

by Linda
(Hurst, Texas)

Yesterday we found a young, blind Jr pup who had been abandoned in an apartment complex parking lot. He was very lethargic at first, but after an evening of food, water, and lots of rest his energy level improved. It's obvious that he is profoundly blind. But my concern is that he cannot walk. He doesn't appear to have any neurological issues, but rather that he doesn't seem to know how to walk.

Has anyone had any experience with a blind JRT?


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May 02, 2008
Just a suggestion
by: Harborview JRTS

Well lucky for the puppy you found it. I would very highly recommend a visit to the Vet, if you haven't already. It may be younger than you think. And I'm sure if he hasn't had good nutrition and the mom to teach it, it may have a problem with weak muscles for which to walk with. There may be other problems that only your vet may be able to find. I've seen a problem, Not in jacks, but other breeds called swimmers where the puppy is not able to get it's legs under them to walk. Definitely seek out a good vet and have this puppy completely checked out. Please keep us informed on his progress. Eyesight in Jacks is why it is so important to have your breeding stock Cerf tested. This shows any genetic problems that may be passed onto puppies. Along with this goes Baer testing for the hearing of the dogs. let us know how your little pup is. I'm very interested.


Apr 22, 2008
Just Needs Some Love
by: Anonymous

I had a Border Collie who had puppies but only one lived. He was almost 6 weeks old before he started walking. I still don't know why but he is now a year old and a great dog. He went to live with a family that we keep in contact with on occasion and he doesn't have any other problems.

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