finding a stud for my non registered female Jack Russell

by Sondra Hildreth
(Spokane, Wa, USA)

Dot getting ready to play at the park

Dot getting ready to play at the park

I'm trying to get the information from the breeder that I bought her from so I can register her without having her fixed because I really want to breed her at least once. I have friends and family that are interested in my Jack Russell's pups. Currently she's only 8 months and I won't be breeding her until her second heat at least, but I'm worried that the breeder is going to fall through on me and won't get me the papers. I was hoping maybe I could find someone willing to concider a breeding even though she's not registered. Dot (my JRT) is really cute and has lovely lines, beautiful stanse and a great temperment, very affectionate, smart, and lovable.

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