Female Jack Afraid to Poop Outside

by Amy
(Port Huron, MI)

My mom just adopted a female Jack Russel. The previous owners kept her outside in a small fenced in area. They also had 3 pit bulls in which they were pretty aggressive with her. They said she was only 8 months old. As it turns out, the previous owners lied. She is 2 years old and may be pregnant with pit bull pups. Not only that, there have been several complaints about the previous owners and I think my moms new dog named "lucy" was terrorized and treated badly. She has already been to a vet, but there was little the vet could say except she may be pregnant and is about 2 years old and that she unfortunately has worms. Who knows how long she has had them.

I am very worried about her. She is starting to enjoy her new home and the love and care she is given. My mom also got two new pups that she just loves to run around with. She won't be back to the vet until next week. I know it must be a psychological problem, but she won't poop outside. She will walk and sniff but run right back on the porch. She will be left outside for awhile to see if she goes but she will only pee. She likes to pee and poop inside when no one is looking. She will go a few days without pooping sometimes and I know something is wrong. She looks very afraid when she is outside and wants to come right into my arms if she steps one foot outdoors without a leash.

What are some techniques we can try to get her some help and break her from this fear she has??

Please email me at: iluvlmh24ever@gmail.com

Thank You

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