Feeding times for Older Dog

by Jim
(Los Angeles)

How often should you feed a 13 year old JRT (who is mainly an indoor dog)?

Editor Suggestion regarding feeding an older dog

As our Jack's get older they need to consumer fewer calories. This is particularly the case here since as an indoor dog your Jack would naturally be less active.

If you currently feed your Jack Russell once or twice a day, consider moving to smaller, more frequent feedings. This makes it easier for your Jack to digest each meal.

If your Jack is maintaining a normal weight, then there is no need to switch to one of the Senior dog foods. If you do, check the label to buy one that is formulated in a way similar to your current food, and also check the calories, as senior foods often are more caloric.

For any specific medical needs, it's best to consult a veterinarian.

Any reader comments regarding older dog feeding times....

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