"Fall In Love" with these Love Birds this October

by Margie
(Jackson MS)

Napoleon & Dottie

Napoleon & Dottie

These two are quite the pair! Napoleon (our three year male, he's wearing the blue collar and being a sweet "hubby" and letting his lady rest her head on him) is the best JRT! He behaves & he's so sweet! There's a sweet story about him & I'll make it short. My daughter brought him home from her friend's house saying he was their last one (my husband had recently lost his 12 year old JRT) and begged to keep him that they were just going to give him away at no cost. I knew my husband would say no since we already had several dogs, three cats and three kids! I told her we'd see that when her dad got home he said no she'd have to take him back. As soon as he laid eyes on him he was like "oh crap" and that was it...love at first sight! That very first weekend we brought home a bone for him from Waffle house. I thought it would be a treat, he tried to swallow it whole, immediately got choked, started gasping, foaming at the mouth and was clearly choking! It was middle of the night we knew our vet was closed so we rushed him to the animal hospital. They vet was just out of college & very inexperienced with this sort of thing an was clueless! She suggested we take him 4 hrs to MSU for treatment! Then she called her boss, the normal vet at the clinic he made a suggestion, she ran it by us we said yes! Anything! I have never gotten so attached to a pup so fast and I was crying like a baby! So, she sedated him, the used some sort of tool, reached way down in his throat & was fortunate enough to reach the bone without pushing it further or damaging anything and her comment was..."NO MORE WAFFLE HOUSE BONES!! ha Needless to say after that he's been very special to me! He's all JRT, all hunter, chews the bark off all of our trees, runs around the yard and has killed all of our grass trying his best to catch a squirrel who's high above him but he's determined one day he'll bring one home to his bride!

Dottie, our one year old JRT is sweet as sugar. Fiesty as can be but the two together are loads of fun and HOURS of entertainment! They are just like children and are like "peas and carrots" and we cant imagine one without the other!! So, if you only have one JRT, what are you waiting for??? Double your pleasure!! We're actually thinking of one day having a JRT compound and just getting about 10 and having a house on about 10 acres of land with nothing but trees and brush and let them run, hunt and do what they do best!

So, being the proud owner of two beautiful JRT's is just part of life's little pleasures! Thank you Trisha for this great site of our best friend's!

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Sep 20, 2007
I'm in love!
by: Trisha

Margie you make me want to get another Jack...what am I thinking???!!

Yes, I love Napoleon and Dottie and thank you so much for such a fine background on these two cuties!

Yeah, Annie is my best friend and soooo much trouble, but soooo much fun.

Thanks Margie. Definitely good candidates for October.


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