excessive thirst and increased indoor urination.

by Robert
(Saltsburg pa)

Reader Question: Concern regarding excessive dog thirst and increased urination

My Jack Russell, Bo, is around ten years old. For the past few months he has been drinking a lot of water and urinating indoors. This makes me think of kidney disease or diabetes. He hasn't lost any weight and I haven't noticed any other symptoms. I just want what's best for Bo.

Editor Response Excessive Dog Thirst and Urination

Hi Robert,

Yes, you should be alarmed by your Jack Russell's increased thirst and urination. These can be signs of very serious diseases in dog. The top three that I worry about are kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, and Cushing’s disease.

Please get your dog in to the veterinarian immediately for a physical examination, blood work, and a urinalysis.

Best of luck,

Dog Health Handbook

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