Enzo Lorenzo Benzo

by Grace Andrews (13)
(Hampshire England)

This is Enzo, our 8 month old jack russell terrier, and the love of my life.

He got his name from my mums medieval obsession with Florence. We named him after Lorenzo the magnificent (or Lorenzo the Medici),when I say we named him I meant to say mum and dad and my brother (William). I had been away on a school trip to France and what a shock when I got home. Normally every one would be sitting down with a cup of tea (usually made by me!)ready to relax after the day they had just had. But no when I got in dad was at the door way trying to stop me seeing what was sitting in the living room corner. A little ball of wrinkles and worry lines (I have to admit it was the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my life) to compete with all the lines on his forehead was his face oh how much I squealed when I saw his lovely head covered in a light brown coloring all over his face and neck.

Before we knew it we were taking out for walks, and what a load of compliments we got because of him the most common were "oh look at his dinky brown face" and "oh isn’t he the sweetest."

Enzo is our first jack russell and we have all said that we would never buy another breed because of their loyalty and their humorous nature.

Let's face it yorkies are nothing compared to a jack!


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