Eating Everything

by Geraldine
(South Africa)

My Jack Russell is 2 years old but she eats everything up. She has many toys to play with, but my things in the house she likes the most. How can I stop her from eating everything up?

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Jan 15, 2009
Does it Smell?
by: Barbe

Hahaah, I have a 5 month old Jack Named Oreo, who loves to eat everything she can get. Just this morning I found a broken up CD with little teeth marks in it...

I was told that, Oh she will grow out of, but I am thinking that if your dog is already 2 and is still doing it, there is probably a good chance that Oreo will continues as well.

I like the idea of this Bitter Apple spray, sounds like a good idea... But does it smell the house up???

Jan 14, 2009
A Few Ideas
by: stefanie

We taught our dogs the "drop it" routine. It works well when we catch her in the act but not so well when we're not around.

You might try buying some "Bitter Apple" spray at the pet store. It tastes pretty gross (my dogs don't like it). You could try putting it on some stuff.

The only thing that has really worked for us though is to keep out stuff out of their reach or block off whole rooms with baby gates.

A terrier will often just go ahead and do as they please when they least mine do.

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