"Dozer the JRT Free Bull Mastiff "

by chris Burgess
(Paducah Ky)

When I was about 3 or 4 we got a full blooded bullmastiff absolutely free!!! that's what the elderly lady we got her from said. free to a good home she didn't really want to get rid of her but her neighbor was scared of her.and the lady couldn't take care of her anymore her daughter had the dog at the time. she already had a boxer so she didn't feel the need for another pet. so my mom and dad gave them our address and we took her home she was 18 months old. the woman and her daughter told us on there last visit you take care of dozer and I guarantee she will take care of you!! mom and dad said what do you mean. well the woman said she is highly trained and very obedient. and she showed them through command. the dog responded immediately to every command. well a few months went by and it became apparent she was my dog. every step I took she followed right beside me. then one day I was playing in the yard I slipped out the back gate. and started toward the very dangerous road we lived on in the country. a man we knew was in a dump truck dozer came out of nowhere. and knocked me in our ditch she was hit and slid across the road no one thought she would live. but she pulled through very quickly even the vet was amazed she was the same dog she had been before. then several months later she saved me from a Doberman attack. then one night my mom went out side to get fire wood dad was at work my sister was watching me. Dozer started growling mom came in and said she felt kinda uneasy. Dozer would not stop growling so mom in disgust opened the door and said what ever's out there get it she did. there was a guy who had attacked a lady and robbed her at knife point. she called the sheriff and they came out mom told Dozer to release the man and she did. "saved the day again" well some time went by and I slipped down by the pond. I got to close and in I went Dozer to the rescue again. she drug me out and dad pushed on my chest I coughed and spit up the water. this dog just a simple creature had done things people would never believe. and this was just by now the first few years of her life. I was saved by two pit bull attacks. and many other things to numerous to mention if I hadn't lived this I wouldn't believe it. then one day Dad was in the yard a guy came out of the woods he had blood on his clothes she stood between him and Dad the guy said he had killed a deer and needed help with it. a dead deer dead weight yes but Dad wasn't buying that. this man hadn't killed a deer with just a knife. Dad had been target shooting so he had his rifle the man ran back into the woods.he was probably in them pretty deep when sheriff's from two counties showed up. Dad knew many cops our county sheriff told Dad we are going in after him. he looked at Dad and said sonny i don't have a dog to track this suspect. I don't know if you know this but "Dozer" yes I know her name. you got her from my mother and sister I trained that dog with the help of several k-9 officers. Dad said if she go's then I am going to they brought him out he had done some bad things to a woman in the next county. but the woman was okay.all the suspect had was a knife he was subdued and put where he belonged.the reason the sheriff had gave the dog to his mother well they soon found out during her training she wouldn't hurt a woman or subdue a woman she also loved kids. now she would go after a woman over a kid as well as a man. you couldn't spank a kid around her.she done many amazing things in her time. but to all great animals we must say goodbye her hearing became dull around 1988 it became a little harder for her to get around. in 1989 my sister came back to the farm and me and mom agreed she could take her home with her. I was now 12 years old I guess Dozer was around 14 then. my sister had her about a week the way I understand it she showed love and compassion and as much protection until the end. like I said she had her one week she called the vet he came out she asked him do you think she is suffering bad enough to put her down he replied no! if I were you I would let her go on her own.one day after a short walk she started shaking as she lay in my sisters lap she looked down and said oh Dozer.she used what strength she had and raised her large massive head and licked my sister took in her last breath and breathed it out and the big massive Dozer was gone. she had loved and protected us until the end. according to the vet she had a stroke. and after many years as her vet even sis said he held it in well but a tear ran down his face. had many other dogs since but I will never have another like her I HOPE YOU LIKED THIS STORY!!!!

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