Double Trouble

by Kimber
(Garden City, MI)

Blue & Lola

Blue & Lola

Blue is 2.5 years and Lola is 8 months. Blue is a precocious, out-going, curious, playful and completely lovable little guy. Lola is a true little sweet-tart and is nick-named "Happy Feet" b/c she wakes up every morning dancing all over the bed and wagging not only her tail but her whole rear end. Lola was 3 months when we rescued her and was scared of her own shadow. With the help of Blue she has really come out of that timid little shell and is beginning to enjoy making new friends, going for long walks, car rides and trips to the pet store. These two are pure belly bursting entertainment. They are also very smart! We have to come up w/ code words to replace words like walk, park or car ride. Currently, a George W. Bush in our household means we are going for a W. (walk) but they seem to have cracked the code so we will have to come up with a new code name soon. In this pic they are in the window catching some rays, on the rare occasion they cannot come w/ me, I tell them to "get in the window" and this is where they stay till I return.

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