Hi, I have a 10 month old female jack Russel and in am wondering "how old does she have to be before she goes on heat".

please email me back asap as I also have a jack x fox terrier that is nearly two. is there any contraception that i could give her, as I really don't want her to have babies yet. she is to young, also how old is a good age for her to have babies with a great chance of all healthy one's including the mother.i would greatly appreciate if you could email me quickly. thanks heaps.


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Dec 04, 2010
She should be coming into heat soon...
by: ScooterMama59

Dear Donna,
She should be coming into heat soon. Some come into heat as early as 6 months and as late as 12 months. I'm sure even later for some, always some unusual ones when it comes to animals.
I would not breed her until she is a solid 2 years old (dog years 14) and the male should be 2 - 3 years old. You don't want babies having babies.
Also, when she is in heat you can not let her with the male, not for a second. Once he makes the connection an ties together with her, there's no pulling them apart, as you will harm the male, and he could possibly not be able to breed again. EVER!
You can not let her out of your sight, say in putting her in the yard to relieve herself, for anytime at all. The males in the neighborhood will be around as soon as they smell the scent.
You don't want the "unexpected puppies" and who's the daddy scenario.
When she comes into heat you can purchase the belts and pads, but they are expensive. I would recommend the small (#1) diapers and just cut a small hole where the tail is. It is easy to just take them off of her when she needs to go relieve herself, then re-attach.
She should be in heat for approximately 3 weeks, give or take a few days.
I hope that I have answered your questions, but by all means, please email me back and I will help further, if you need it.

Stef, Belgium, JRT LOVER!

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