Dog Sleeping A Lot

by Evelyn
(Fort McMurray, Alberta)

Reader Question:Dog sleeping a lot

Our dog (Molly) is now 10 years old. She is our first Jack Russell, and I believe our last as we are so in love with her there could never be a replacement! Our concern is that for the past month all she does is sleep.

In total in a day she is awake for maybe an this a sign that her time is drawing near, and will she let us know when she is in pain?



Vet Suggestion for Dog Sleeping A Lot

Hello Evelyn,

Molly’s increased desire/need for sleep doesn’t necessarily mean that, “her time is near” but it does warrant a trip to the veterinarian. Molly’s doctor can perform a physical exam and a basic health work up to determine what might be going on. Ten is really not that old for a Jack Russell, so you shouldn’t simply assume that nothing can be done to help her.

It is quite possible that your veterinarian could find that Molly’s behavioral changes are nothing to worry about or are connected to a health problem that with appropriate treatment could be cured or at least managed, meaning that Molly might be with you for years to come.

Good luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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