Dog Shivering

I've have had my Jack Russell a week, she is a rescue dog from a lady whom passed away,she is very soft and don't seem to understand commands! my question is that she has been fine up to past 2 days she keeps shivering!

Is this because she is cold? or could it be for another reason? i have noticed that she does shudder a bit when she breathes in and out!

Vet Suggestion Regarding Dog Shivering

Hello there,

Dogs typically shiver because they are cold, nervous, or in pain. Unless your dog’s surroundings are unusually cold or she has other symptoms, I would have to guess that anxiety is the most likely culprit in this case since she has recently moved to a new home.

It is a good idea to have any dog that is new to your home examined by a veterinarian within a few days of its arrival. The doctor can perform a physical exam and give you an idea as to its overall health and make recommendations regarding any preventative care measures (vaccines, heartworm testing and prevention, deworming, etc.) that might be overdue.

There are other possible causes for behaviors that look a lot like shivering, for example neurologic disorders, and the doctor should be able to determine if these are potentially behind your dog’s behavior.

If your dog gets a clean bill of health after a complete physical exam, it is very likely that the stress of all the recent changes in her life is simply making her nervous and unsure of herself, which has led to her shivering and otherwise timid behavior. Given some time and love, her true personality should reveal itself.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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