Dog Scared of People

by Prince

Reader Question:Dog Scared of People


My dog is three he was very active playful & loving, now all of the sudden he's scared of me, shakes sometimes, slow and barks sometimes and doesn’t run around anymore. It Seems like he has lost most of his energy.

He started doing this day after I trimmed his whiskers and few facial hairs. Please, please help; I want my active dog back!! Could trimming his whiskers and some facial hairs have anything to do with it?

P.S.: he enjoys his walks and is eating....



Vet Suggestions for Scared Dog

Hi Prince,

Was his grooming “appointment” with you stressful for him? If it was a bit of a battle, it is possible that he associates you with that unpleasant experience. Dogs also do use their whiskers to help them navigate through their environment. He may feel a little unsure of himself now that they have been trimmed.

If this is all that has happened, he should be back to his normal self soon. He’ll adapt to not having whiskers (though I wouldn’t trim them again once they’ve grown back) and if you focus on positive experiences between the two of you he should learn to “trust” you again.

If he doesn’t bounce back, get him in to your vet for an exam. It is possible that his behavioral change has nothing to do with grooming.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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