Dog Not Eating and Lethargic

by Sam
(Splendora TX)

We took our dog Trooper to his brothers house for a week while on vacation. There was a female small breed at the home and he fell in love.

Now after a week back with us he still is not eating and moping around. Today he even threw up. Any ideas?

Veterinarian Suggestions for a Dog that is not eating and lethargic

Hello Sam,

It is possible that the change in your dog’s behavior is simply due to depression over the loss of his new friend. Some individuals are very sensitive and will exhibit grief in the way that you describe. Other possibilities are just as likely, however. Your dog’s gastrointestinal system may have been adversely affected by something that he came in contact with while you were gone – parasites, bacteria, viruses, and new foods could all be to blame.

If your dog’s condition does not improve over the next few days or worsens at any time, I strongly recommend you bring him in to see your veterinarian. A physical exam and possibly some diagnostic testing can rule out some of the more serious cause of the symptoms you describe. If it looks like depression is to blame, the doctor can recommend some therapies (e.g., dog appeasing pheromone or antidepressants) that should help put him back on an even keel.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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