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dog licking

when any one comes in my house, my jack russ wont stop licking. how can i ease the problem?

thank you sharon and paul x
EMAIL sharon1@gmail.com.
thanx again

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Nov 20, 2010
by: ScooterMama59

I think that your JRT is just nervous and has a bit of anxiety over the visitors.
I would say that you might want to make this a more comfortable situation.
I would suggest that you hold your poochie while the visitor is in the house. That way you can control the licking problem better.

If that is not possible, I would suggest that you give a dog treat to the visitor and let them give it to your poochie when they visit.

Another thought would be to let the visitor pet your poochie, after the treat, and see if that helps with the anxiety issue.

I hope this helps, and please if you can, let me know which one of these worked the best!

Stef, Belgium, JRT Lover from Texas!

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