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by Anna Warren
(Conyers, GA)

Reader Question:Dog suffering from Myasthenia?

I've "inherited" two JRT's from my son and daughter-in-law when they had 2 children, 3 years ago. One was determined to be hemophyridite and is principally female now, after neutering. Both about 7 years of age, female and male from same sire, different maternal.

Female is on medication for "dribbling" but otherwise healthy. Male has had recently two episodes

Of ataxia...maybe a couple of months apart, but seems to "come out of it rather well"...otherwise active, healthy. Is this a progressive thing-myasthenia gravis (he is fixed as well)?



Vet suggests that Myasthenia is uncommon in dogs

Hi Anna,

It’s difficult to say what might be going on with your male JRT based on only two episodes that occurred two months apart. If you ever have the opportunity to get him in to your veterinarian while he is acting abnormally, the doctor might be able to narrow the possibilities down based on his or her observations.

Myasthenia is a possibility, but it is not all that common in dogs. Seizures are more likely, but the list of potential causes is quite long. If the episodes become more severe or frequent, a general health work-up (i.e., a physical exam, blood chemistry, complete cell count, urinalysis, and maybe a heartworm test and fecal exam) surely wouldn’t hurt.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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