Dog First Heat Cycle Bleeding

by Ellie

Reader Question - Dog First Heat Cycle Bleeding

I have a 8 month old female Jack Russell Terrier. She came into heat around 4m when we noticed a spot of blood, she then had it again around 6m. She is now 8 months and has seemed to be on heat for the past week, leaking blood very frequently.

She is constantly licking herself down there and won't leave it alone. I have checked it out and it isn't too swollen but I can literally see the blood come out and it's that noticeable.

am very concerned as I don't know if this is normal or not. I did speak to a vet when she came on heat for the second time and he said its nothing to worry about but this time I am worried due to the amount of blood she is losing.

Is this normal? If not do you know what it could be? What shall I do? Ellie

Vet Suggestion Bleeding during dog first heat cycle

Hi Ellie,

Some dogs do bleed a lot when they are in heat and the bleeding can persist for a couple of weeks or even longer in some cases. Only rarely is it a sign of a problem.

I suspect what you are witnessing is your dog’s first true heat cycle. Of course, if you are really worried, it’s never wrong to bring her in to your veterinarian for a check-up.

When dogs have heavy bleeding during their heat cycles, it can really create a mess. Doggy “diapers” help, if your dog can stand to wear one. Your best option is probably to have her spayed as soon as this heat cycle is over.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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