Jack Russel


by Dianne Wilkinson
(Hillsburgh, Ontario, Canada)

thawing out after playing in the snow

thawing out after playing in the snow

I recently lost my 15 year old jack "Spike". I wasn't looking for another dog right away, but something made me look at a site that I've never been in before and saw this little guy's picture with the story of coming from Quebec to Ottawa only to have the landlord tell the couple they couldn't keep him. Off to Kingston he went to live with the mother of one of the students, all this and only 12 weeks old. I called and they still had him, but someone else was interested in looking at him, my heart sank. They wanted to know if I wanted a viewing or purchase. I said purchase. The mother was kind enough to meet me in Peterborough so that I could pick him up. Nice thing was I was at my sister's half an hour away. This little angel went from Kingston to his new home near Guelph with not so much as a peep out of him and that's a 2 hour drive. He snuggled next to me all the way home napping and waking to look at me and back to nappin. He is a love bug, couch potatoe and a pillow warmer. When I'm busy on the computer he goes and sleeps in his little bed between the computer and the fireplace. His reaction to his first snow was so laughable that he just looked at me and barked at me for laughing at him. He loves to drive in the truck and is not sure yet what those horse things are. He is starting to go to the truck and tries to get up on the running boards when he knows that we are going to do chores. His first day was a little interesting as the cat just sat there and gave him a smack. Ouch! Then the day following she decided he was a good play toy. They spend hours chasing and wrestling each other. He's not hyper, but boy is he sure happy to see people, even the Vet. I've heard

comments of how cute he is and how you can see the intelligence in his eyes ( I think it's more mischief). I don't crate and when we've been out and are coming back in his little body is sitting on the back of the recliner just waiting for you to come through the door so he can reach out and kiss you. We have discovered that we have to watch what we are drinking since he wants to sample everything we have. Coffee seems to be the big draw and if you take the cup away you could just end up getting a paw smacking you. I've pointed out several times that little jacks don't need caffeine. He is so full of life and love and some how I know he was meant for me, my heart hurt so much when I spotted him. I sometimes wonder if Spike picked him for me. Sometimes he does things that just stop me in my tracks as they are things that Spike use to do. He even helps with the laundry, although I could do without the chase through the house to get the item he has chosen to remove from the dryer. He also has a thing about mopping and sweeping and doesn't use the dust buster or a hair dryer as these things are meant to be attacked. He'll even help you get dressed or undressed. At least he thinks he's helping! His little morning routine is outside for business, in and go directly to food bowl for breakfast and then to Mom's knees for a little after breakfast nap. The rest of the day could be slow and laid back or I could have the Taz devil on my hands, but either way I wouldn't change a thing about him. He is devotion, love, entertainment and loyalty all in one small little package. He has filled a void and made me love again and even though I've only had him a little over a month I can't and wouldn't part with him.

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Jan 08, 2008
New Beginings
by: Anonymous

Digger came into your life just when he was needed most . I think Spikie gave him a little nudge in you direction!

Jan 07, 2008
Loving him!
by: Jess

Digger sounds adorable, I want to meet him!

Jan 05, 2008
Oh little Digger!
by: Pics & Tics

Dianne, I don't know when I've been so touched by such a sweet story. I just love Digger. I'm using the picture you sent through my email for the home page so people can see his beautiful face.

Thank you for such a fine submission and such a fine background to this sweet little Jack.


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