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Sissy and Bandit at Work

Sissy and Bandit at Work

My 13 year old male is chewing his feet and just in front of his tail. He now has several raw spots in those areas he's chewed them so badly. Why? I find no fleas on him. He has been in the yard, lots of digging and rolling around. We also have a bitch that whelped 5 weeks ago today. She is being fed a different food than him but he on occasion sneaks it. Maybe a food allergy?

We've had Bandit 12 years and what a delight he has been! Sissy joined us in Aug of last year. She's really found a spot in my heart. I wanted one of Bandit's puppies, which is why we got her. They bred and she's whelped 5 puppies that are as cute as can be. What a terrific mom she is. Anyway, if you can help me with the itching thanks much, if not thanks anyway.

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Sep 19, 2010
chewing and licking feet
by: Julianne Annemarie Troutman

your Jack most likely has an allergy, it could be a food or other substance allergy. I had a beagle with the exact same problem and he had severe food allergies, allergic to chicken, corn, gluten and grains. It is hard to say what he is allergic to without getting allergy tests with your vet....good luck.

Aug 15, 2010
JR Willy
by: Max

I to have a jack Russell who goes by the name of Willy. I've had him since August 2nd and he sure is cute. He's two and a half years old. He has the same symptoms and when we took him to the vet, they say the irritation occurs when the puppy is shedding (Especially in Summer) or from things that irritates the skin of humans such as dust or sometimes just the grass outside.

You should shower your dog every other day and get his belly, legs and paws really good to help his irritation. When he/she scratches, you should tell them STOP firmly and rub the area yourself to prevent bleeding from your pet.

Apr 22, 2010
Rule our allergies and mites
by: Stefanie

Paw licking is usually an allergic reaction. Are his ears also itchy? This can also be another sign.

Make sure his food has no soy or grains, especially corn, and wheat (even wheat and corn by-products). Dogs can develop allergies to meats as well, but the grains are a more usual suspect.

Go to www.dogfoodanalysis.com for review of good grain free, allergen free foods. I feed a raw food diet based on Sojo's Grain free premix (available on Amazon for the best price) and supplement with dry Nature's Variety Instinct and rotate the meat choice with each bag, which prevents allergies which can develop from eating the same thing for a long time.

You should also go to the vet for a skin scrape to make sure he doesn't have mites or worms.

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