De Niro the JRT Survivor

My Love De Niro

My Love De Niro

This is the love of my life, De Niro, names after the fabulous Robert De Niro. I found this cutie cuddled against a bush on the side of the drive thru in Taco Bell on a complete random day.

It was in August during the hottest week of summer. When I found him he was so skinny he resembles a stray cat. filled with pity, I took him in and brought him back to physical perfection.

My plan was to get him healthy and find him a new home since I already have three mastiff mixes at home. My plans were ruined as our love for each other grew stronger. My family fell in-love with his sweet face! My dogs love him and treat him like their babyy brother, cleaning his face when he's dirty.

His place is here with us and he is loved and spoiled every day! My little survivor, we can't imagine our life's without him.

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