Dakota & Gracie

by Sierra

Dakota at 9.5 weeks

Dakota at 9.5 weeks

We got Dakota from a friend's parents who bred Jacks. Dakota was 4 pounds when we got him at 9 weeks. He was a ham from day one. He posed for pictures, "grinned", played, and was the cutest happiest puppy we had ever seen. I dog sit dogs occasionally, and every time I did he was more than happy to have a playmate and when they left he seemed bored again. My neighbor loved him as well and decided that he wanted a puppy, and we said that they could be playmates so that they had someone close to play with. Well I started looking for a puppy for him to get, he wanted a female, and they were few and far betweem where we live. One day I finally got in touch with a lady who had one female left. The ad said she was 10 weeks old, so I called her and got her to send me a picture. She was the most unique and adorable Jack Russell I had ever seen, and I knew I had to have her for myself. I came home and told my boyfriend that I was going to get another puppy the next day and that he could kick me out if he wanted but I wasn't changing my mind. Needless to say, he didn't kick me out and we welcomed Gracie to the family. My boyfriend and I fell in LOVE with her, and so did Dakota. They are two of a kind and inseparable, and they get anything they want. They go visit Grandma every day and play with her Mountain Feist and visit their Aunt Casey to play with her Lhasa Apso. They are two very happy puppies and we love them so much :-)

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