Cries alot

by Ashley
(Wpg, MB)

Recently my JRT mix started to cry alot. Waking me up in the night even. She usually does her crying with her favorite ball in her mouth. (I find that is when she gets really bad). She also claimed a spot near my closet and she will just cry there, when I go to pick her up she growls at me so I leave her be and than she will start to cry again.

I do not know what is upsetting her, I find if my spouse and I are laying in bed she is fine between us (after 15minutes of petting her) but than if I get out of bed, or if my spouse does she panics and wakes the other one that is laying in bed up.
I find if I am just on the bed and she is on the bed she cries more. Could this be because I am pregnant is it normal for a JRT mix to act like this? I need some suggestions and help with her and how to help her through whatever it is that is causing her to act this way.
I am even at the point of getting a 2nd pup her size to keep her company.
Any suggestions/advice?

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