Constantly Peeing

by Marlene
(Federal Way, WA)

We have a Jack Russell Terrier female, 2 years old, who has become a constant pee-er around the house. When a family member returns from being away for any period of time, she will greet us at the door, on her two hind legs, with her front paws up, and pee on the floor. When she awakens in the morning (she sleeps in my son's bedroom), she rushes straight to our room, jumps in our bed, and pees. What can we do to stop this peeing?

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Jan 08, 2011
by: ScooterMama


If you want this to stop, I would recommend the following steps. First of all, she is marking the areas in your house, as well as the visitors and anyone else that comes to see you.
You must re-train her NOW. I don't know if she is spayed (fixed) but if not, she needs to be.
Okay, so lets say she is or isn't, she still needs re-trained.
Go back to putting her in the locked kennel box when you are gone. When you are home you can let her out, but only if you can watch her constantly. Also, when she comes out of the kennel box carry her to the location that she uses for her potty. Do not let her pee anywhere except for there. If she does well then reward her with kind words, pats and maybe a very small treat. Continue this for atleast 21 days, as this takes them this amount of time to re-train their minds and bladders (habits).

Let me know how things go. She will want to please you and do what is right. You just need to help her find that again. Even when she fails, don't use a hardtone, but just put her back in the locked kennel box and keep on with it.
Don't let her in your room or on your bed until you get this under control. She's marking everything she can. If you can walk her outside she will learn to mark everything out there and not all over your house.

The best to you and your girl,

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