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Hi there,

PLease can you tell me why my short legged JR (Pixel)playfully attacks my older JR (Jozi) when Jozi gets excited and barks and runs off to the gate?
Pixel never allows Jozi to become excited. She is always jumping on her and playfully biting her neck. Why does she do this?

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Dec 23, 2010
by: ScooterMama59

Actually all it is: is competion and jealousy. You see when the one gets excited the other gets excited too, but wants ALL the attention.
JRT's doing what they do best -- hamming it up to get our attention.
I wouldn't give it too much thought, but maybe split them up every once in awhile and see if that won't give the older one a chance to get excited without "short legs" there to get a leg up on her attention!

Love them thar JRTs!
stef, belgium, jrt lover from texas!

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