Comet the JRT

by Venessa

I have always been interested in small dogs. Larger dogs would scare me because of an experience I had earlier in life. But this all changed the day I met Comet.

I heard about an animal shelter close by to where I lived. So I decided to volunteer there with a friend because we both love animals. The day we entered we met this siberian husky. She scared me, the way she stared without making a noise. I didn't know if I could trust her.
My friend asked me to pet the dog and I told her "no, just look at her eyes!". I mean they were beautiful, but the blue just was so piercing. The next day I decided to face my fear and just pet her. She hadn't seemed mean at all the day before. Little by Little I fell in love. I found out her story within the time I was volunteering. She was a purebreed all white siberian husky. Her previous owners bought her from petland. She was about three years old. The reason the owners didn't want her was because she didn't mix well with a new smaller dog they had recently gotten. And on a halloween night she escaped there yard and got hit by a car. They had to amputate her tail. She also had heart worms. I guess because the owner thought she was too much to handle she brought her to the shelter. They tried to get her adopted and after a while the owners got tired. They told the shelter they would give them $100 to put her to sleep. The shelter told them that they were a
non kill shelter and to put the money in the donations. They would find her a home.
I went home and I begged my mom to let me adopt her. First, she would say no and it didn't seem like she would ever budge about her decision. But one after noon, when I hadn't mentioned Comet at all to her, she came in to my room and told me "fine, you can keep the dog. BUT! She's going outside." Fine it was a deal to me. I knew later I could convince her to let Comet come inside since she was house trained.
I brought Comet home on the 4th of July. They let me test her out and see if I really wanted her. The way my family treats our pets is we take them as a member of the family. We keep them throught thick and thin.
Comet was an inside dog until she tore our sofa. Which was our fault because we left her home alone. Comet grew so close to our family. She was like another sister to us. We did stuff with her we usually never did with dogs. She went with our family every where. I loved her so much, she was my perfect dog. Last month Comet's heartworms took a tole on her. She was sick for 2 days and the heart worms were to strong for her. She passed away on Dec. 2. We were all devistated. But we now that she is no longer in pain any more and one day we will see her again. She also taught me never to judge a dog before I meet them.


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