Cleo: Gone But Not Forgotten

by Theresa
(West Nyack, NY)

You were a beautiful Labrador Retriever Mix who

was loved by everyone. You let me dress you up,
you were a friendly dog who loved everyone, but
every once in awhile you did bark to let us know
someone was at the door, and you never bit anyone.
You loved to go for long walks and you always loved
to play. then one day at the age of 14 you got sick
and you let us know it was time to take you to the
vet. They check you over and said it was time to put
you to sleep. We stayed by your side till those big
brown eyes closed. It was hard to let you go but we
knew it was for the best, you are now in that big dog
house in the sky. Good-bye old girl we'll never forget

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