chewing on everything

How can i get my 10 month old jack Russell to stop chewing on everything? We always have bones for her and toys for her to chew on. She has chewed up stool legs, chair legs, molding along the floor and cable wires. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

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Dec 21, 2010
by: Sarah

My advice would be for her to be in a crate or pen when you are not home or not paying attention to her. Always put her chewy toys in with her and be very diligent about telling her NO when you see her chewing on something she isn't supposed to and praise her when she is chewing on toys she is supposed to. I have always kept my Jacks in their cages until they could be trusted when I was away and it takes some time! If this hasn't been the case you will have to be very diligent and consistent in this. Not saying that we haven't "lost" some items along the way like my son's ipod and stuff like that, but it has been pretty minimal. Good luck!

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