Chad and Jodie

by Elaine
(Birmingham UK)

I have two Parson Jacks. Chad is on the right in the piccie, and he is 9 years old. He loves nothing more than playing with his ball. He will select one, which will be his favorite for a week or so, and it will go everywhere with him. He would play fetch all day if you had the time to keep throwing it for him.

Jodie, on the left will be 3 years old on the 16th November 2010. She is a little bundle of pure mischief. I call her Jodie the juvenile delinquent. One of her favorite games is to pinch my ciggies, pen, fact anything that she knows she shouldn't have, sidle up to you, waving it at you, then run away, when you go to grab it, then sashay up to you again, her whole back end swaying, only to run off again with whatever it is she has taken
They sleep with me, and are such loving little dogs. I have 5 grandchildren and two great grandchildren, all who play with them, dress them up, in fact they can do anything with them, and have never had a growl from either of them. Whoever said Jacks were nasty and snappy, should meet mine. I love the bones off them

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Nov 25, 2010
Happy Birthday
by: Struppi

Happy Birthday dear Jodie!!!
I´m from Germany and have look for Sites of Parson Jack Russell. So, I come to your site ;)
My English is not so good, sorry.
Bye and Wuff, the Struppi

You can see me hear:

Nov 12, 2010
Perfect combo.
by: Anonymous

You sound as though you have the perfect combo there on that sofa, mischief is the middle name for a JR, Lol


Nov 12, 2010
by: ScooterMama59


You just made my Shabbat this evening. They are so beautiful and smart. I love that they can be funny and annoying all at the sametime.
You are one blessed woman.

Have a great night in the UK neighbor!
Stef, Belgium, JRT Lover from Texas!

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