Caution with Dogs and Children

by Susan
(Surprise, AZ)

Both Jacks

Both Jacks


I have one Jack Russell Terrier (female) and one parsons russell (male), and one Queensland Heeler (female) that is really old 14 years and has cancer now and way over weight. And a cat that is not normal at all he is long like 5' long 12-14" tall and is a male. They all get along fine - but I can not bring any other males into my home. My male parsons runs the show here. He is the pack leader of the animals and does not like babies at all so anyone thinking of getting a parsons needs to be older and not have little kids period - he almost bit my nephew (6 months old) in the face if I did not grab the carrier he would have. But is ok with older toddlers that can walk on their own as long as they leave him alone. So if you plan on kids or grandkids and want a Jack of any kind, I would look at other breeds or live with them kenneled the entire time your child is awake or your grandkids are visiting. I really cannot stress this enough its not fair to the dog or you - imagine if anything happened to a child you would have to put your dog down or try to find a home if who ever was bite did not get hurt bad enough for you or your loved one to go to a hospital. The other thing is they need to run and play a lot, not 5 min but hours on end and really need a yard to play in. My Parson was abused when he was younger and it took us 3 years to get him to the point of loving us. Our Jack is only two and was accepted within a month of having her.

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