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are jacks good with cats?

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Sep 23, 2009
cats and jacks
by: Anonymous

i had older cats before i had my jack he is now two and still chases the older ones for fun but he is like a mother to any of the kittens that have come along he also lies there and gets groomed by the younger cats its lovely but i still would not trust him with a cat that does'nt belong to our house

Sep 20, 2009
Not Only "NO" but.....
by: dlyncottn

Unless they have been raised with cats from the time they are puppies, JRT's are well-known cat hater's. Just to give you a little firsthand experience...my 9 year old male "terrorist" has put three neighborhood cats to their demise. The cats wondered into his backyard, and soon they were "goners". Actually, a JRT sees anything that is not canine as a varmint to get rid of. He has also killed possums, snakes, birds, rabbits and would have killed a skunk had it not been for getting sprayed on two different occasions. Regardless of how big or vicious the animal is that a JRT decides to fight with...the JRTs' nature is "NEVER BACK DOWN!!" They are BIG dogs in LITTLE dogs bodies. Be very cautious around kitties!!!

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